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PostPosted: Thu 05 Jun 2014 14:54 
Compania din Belarus, ETON Ltd, ce echipează troleibuzele construite pe caroserii MAZ, a prezentat la Minsk, primul troleibuz articulat denumit MAZ ETON 215T. Caroseria MAZ 215 este de concepţie nouă, încadrându-se în normele Uniunii Europene. Nu sunt date publicităţii date tehnice referitoare la echipamentul electric ETON. Se deduce din fotografie că nu are sursă pentru mers autonom, deoarece se vede remorca cu generator electric, cu ajutorul căreia s-a deplasat de la Smolevici, oraşul unde îşi are sediul compania ETON, la Minsk, pentru prezentare şi probe. Singurul lucru cunoscut este echiparea cu electromotor (electromotoare ?) de tracţiune asincron, în curent alternativ.
    Dimensiunile de gabarit sunt: lungime 18750 mm, lăţime 2550 mm, înălţime caroserie 2950 mm, înălţime totală cu echipamente circa 3500 mm. Ampatament 5800 + 6870 mm, consolă faţă 2700 mm, consolă spate 3380 mm.
      Sursă: ETON Ltd; fotografie:

      0-689708 [23 mai 2014].jpg
      0-689708 [23 mai 2014].jpg [ 482.59 KiB | Viewed 3303 times ]
      МАЗ ЭТОН 215Т_размер.jpg
      МАЗ ЭТОН 215Т_размер.jpg [ 53.24 KiB | Viewed 3303 times ]
      PostPosted: Thu 05 Jun 2014 19:08 

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      Caroseria de MAZ 215 nu e o concepţie atât de nouă, primul autobuz cu astfel de caroserie fiind prezentat în 2012 (, dacă nu cumva or mai fi fost prezentate şi mai devreme. Pare o caroserie de MAZ 205 cu o uşă în plus... e drept, s-ar putea să fie şi modificări de structură, pentru că, deşi lungimea totală e aceeaşi, ampatamentele sunt diferite, MAZ 205 având, cf., ampatament 5865 + 6937 mm. De fapt, în catalogul MAZ ( html/files/Catalogs/Catalog_Buses_2013.pdf), pagina 5, MAZ 215 are tot 5865 + 6937 mm ampatament.

      PostPosted: Sun 08 Jun 2014 19:44 
      Dr2005 wrote:
      Pare o caroserie de MAZ 205 cu o uşă în plus... e drept, s-ar putea să fie şi modificări de structură, pentru că, deşi lungimea totală e aceeaşi, ampatamentele sunt diferite
      Mare dreptate ai, pare, chiar aşa este, pare, dar de fapt sunt diferite. Caroseria MAZ 215.069 are cinci uşi, dar mai există şi caroseria MAZ 215.169 care are numai patru uşi. Şi are, într-adevăr, modificări de structură. Nu par, sunt sigure, crede-mă pe cuvânt (scris) şi pe desene şi fotografii.
        Dar, vorbind aici de autobuzele MAZ, suntem off-topic, de aceea te invit, dacă te interesează, la secţiunea "Totul despre autobuze", la topicul "Autobuze MAZ".

        PostPosted: Sat 20 Dec 2014 11:34 
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        The five-door trolleybus MAZ 215T "ETON" came on certification tests
        MAZ decided to challenge "Belkommunmash" with its futuristic Vitovt Max Duo (BKM 43303A) in the segment of the largest trolley. Developed jointly by experts Minsk Automobile Plant (body and chassis) and UP "ETON-ELTRANS" from Smolevichsky district (electrical installation), the new two-piece "accordion" MAZ 215T "ETON" length of 18.75 meters already passed certification tests. According to the plan, they must be completed before the end of the year, after which it will be possible to establish a unique model of mass production.
        Fully low-floor MAZ 215T "ETON" is based on the largest Belarusian buses MAZ 215 and superficially very similar to it (especially with lowered booms current collectors). The uniqueness of the news is that the entrance / exit of passengers through five doors (though the first is only one flap - the second is for the driver), and such trolleybuses in the CIS still has not produced!

        The total seating capacity of MAZ 215T "ETON" compared to the bus prototype has not changed and is 175, but the number of seats increased from 35 to 39 - in place of mine diesel engine installed in the head section of the podium with four chairs. 300-kilowatt electric motor propels the 28-ton machine (gross weight) to 70 km / h.
        The approximate cost of 18.75-meter trolley, according to representatives of MAZ, could reach 4.5 billion Belarusian rubles, or about 420 thousand. Dollars. For comparison: MAZ 215 bus in Moscow (and this in the future, it seems, the main market for both models) are asked about 220 thousand. Dollars. The cost difference - about 1.9 times.

        For the price of 18.75-meter articulated Vitovt Max Duo (BKM 43303A) - a joint brainchild "Belkommunmash" and the Swiss company Stadler - there is nothing definitive can be said. Probably, it can cost even more, because by design, this trolley more difficult (in addition equipped with a diesel generator that allows you to move and without contact system).
        Recall: Vitovt Max Duo debuted at the international exhibition UITP in Geneva in May 2013, as last autumn has been certified. There is a catalog of serial production on the official website "Belkommunmash", but will be released of "Stadler Minsk" (a joint venture "Belkommunmash" and Swiss Stadler Rail AG).
        Sergey HRYSHCHENKO

        Minsk Automobile Plant together now "Eton-Eltrans" recently introduced five-door articulated trolleybus MAZ-215T.
        Trolleybus MAZ-215T was developed based on an articulated low-floor bus MAZ-215. The total length of the trolley is 18.75 meters, which can accommodate 184 passengers in the cabin, including 39 seats. The presence of the five-door provides convenient and fast embarkation and disembarkation.

        Novelty is equipped with a six-pole AC induction motors Skoda 250 kW at reduced speed (from 3900 to 2000 rev / min) and a torque of 955Nm. Traction motor with electronic control system on IGBT modules located in the front half of the cabin, and the second in a row is a leading bridge.
        Installed CAN-Bus allows you to control the work of the traction drive and all electrical trolley and real-time transmit the information to the service center. Drive design allows you to apply a bus axle that for sufficiently large total mass of the trolley 28 tons, provides a higher resource node compared with the usual tradition. The equipment includes passenger cars with the steering wheel gidrousiletilem ZF, Front Axle ZF RL85A, axle ZF AV 132 and the rear axle ZF AVN 132. MAZ-ETON T215 able to overcome 2 kilometers autonomous way, using ordinary alkaline batteries used today all electric companies. At the moment, trolleybus MAZ-215T passes certification tests. ... 62922.html

        Pretul in euro ar fi de aprox 343.000.

        t2.jpg [ 115.53 KiB | Viewed 3082 times ]
        test_drive1trol.jpg [ 148.85 KiB | Viewed 3082 times ]
        test_drive8trol.jpg [ 171.77 KiB | Viewed 3082 times ]
        tz.jpg [ 111.7 KiB | Viewed 3082 times ]
        PostPosted: Thu 17 Dec 2015 23:56 
        In Minsk, cu nr. 3001.

        №-3001 (завод 001)_b.jpg
        №-3001 (завод 001)_b.jpg [ 412.25 KiB | Viewed 2489 times ]
        №-3001 (завод 001)_c.jpg
        №-3001 (завод 001)_c.jpg [ 387.94 KiB | Viewed 2489 times ]
        №-3001 (завод 001)_d.jpg
        №-3001 (завод 001)_d.jpg [ 426.74 KiB | Viewed 2489 times ]
        №-3001 (завод 001)_e.jpg
        №-3001 (завод 001)_e.jpg [ 368.37 KiB | Viewed 2489 times ]
        №-3001 (завод 001)_f.jpg
        №-3001 (завод 001)_f.jpg [ 383.22 KiB | Viewed 2489 times ]
        №-3001 (завод 001)_g.jpg
        №-3001 (завод 001)_g.jpg [ 389.26 KiB | Viewed 2489 times ]
        Minsk 3001.jpg
        Minsk 3001.jpg [ 435.55 KiB | Viewed 1475 times ]
        878493.jpg [ 329.85 KiB | Viewed 993 times ]
        PostPosted: Sat 05 May 2018 19:16 
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        Troleibuzul circula cu nr. 170 in orasul belarus Babrujsk (Bobruisk).

        1106289.jpg [ 245.25 KiB | Viewed 1475 times ]
        1187591.jpg [ 393.33 KiB | Viewed 993 times ]
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